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Boxed In


The Cowley House of Hope has been providing hotel nights for those in need in our county. To date, we have provided over 130 people with a place to stay the night and prevented them from having to sleep on the streets. It is imperative that we continue this work and we are currently working hard to establish a permanent shelter site in both Arkansas City and Winfield YOU can help!

Before the event

The Boxed In event will be a fun opportunity for teams to fundraise throughout the community! The more money you raise the more items you will receive to build your box dwelling the night of the event.

1. Get together with up to 6 people and come up with an awesome team name! An adult sponsor is required.       

2. Follow this link to register your team CLICK HERE! 

3. Get out there and raise some money!


HOW TO RAISE MONEY? Donations of any amount of type will be accepted, checks can be made out to "Cowley House of Hope OR Donations may be made online by following this QR code to our official PayPal Account or CLICK HERE make sure that your donor puts your team name in the memo so we can keep track of your fundraising for the event!

4. Come to the event and have a blast

At the event

Boxed In will be held in Downtown Arkansas City on September 24th from 5pm - 10pm (with the option to sleep over night in your box) to have a small taste of what it might be like to be homeless in our county. Dinner NOT provided.

At the event you can expect to have a great time learning about the impact you are making in our community for those who are most vulnerable, building a box dwelling that will be scored by a panel of three outstanding judges! The top three best team dwellings will win some great prizes!

The more money you raise the more supplies you will receive!

  • 1st category of supplies includes basic building materials

  • 2nd category of supplies includes premium material such as industrial cardboard and/or gorilla tape

  • 3rd category includes luxury items such as a cot, lantern, hot hands, etc.

After the event

You can spread the word about the Cowley House of Hope and our mission. We could not do this without YOU!

Help rekindle the hope of the homeless.

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